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5 Things That Matter More to Recruiters Than Your Grade Point Average

February 28th, 2012

Does your grade point average really matter? It may matter to keep you on the college sports team or to help you to get into the school of your dreams. However, in the world of employment, recruiters are looking for more than just a percentage grade. Most recruiters want to know who you are, what you can do for them and why you are better than the next person. Most of those questions have nothing to do with the actual number given to you by the school you attended.

What Are They Looking for Then?

Each industry is different. In some fields, hiring a candidate with a high GPA does matter, especially in the fields of science and math. However, most HR professionals are looking deeper to determine if you could be a good fit or not.

  1. Your personality and drive matters most. When you walk into an interview, you need to shine. Are you making eye contact, smiling? Are you a good communicator? Do you have the type of attitude that this particular field requires? This will matter far more than your GPA?
  2. Experience is also important. What type of experience do you have that makes you more valuable? For example, those just out of college may not have job experience in the career of their choice. They may have experience in various school activities, private organizations or in other related fields.
  3. What type of courses you took and how you did in them will matter. The recruiter wants to know that you not only got a degree but that you are interested, passionate and genuinely knowledgeable about the courses you took.  Further, getting a high GPA by taking the easy courses is not going to help you. Rather, you should be interested enough to take the more in-depth educational programs. Do you have the education in the field needed to do well?
  4. What else did you do during school? Did you gain work experience? Did you lead various clubs and organizations? Did you participate in the community? Though your education is important, most recruiters hiring a student right out of school want more than just that. They want someone with more in-depth world experience. You can get this by working with a staffing agency like LC Staffing.
  5. Your skills or portfolio also matter. What are you bringing away from your college education? Those who have extensive training may have portfolios with outstanding work. It is easier to know how well a person fits in a position when there are examples of the person’s skills to look at and compare to others.

Answer the question, “What can I do for this company?” When you do, you will understand what the company is really looking for when hiring. When working with recruiters, determine what stands out about you compared to others. What makes you more valuable to the recruiter than the next person that will hand in an application? These things help to keep you apart from the rest of the applicants and are often far more important than a simple GPA.

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