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Haven’t Interviewed for a Job Lately? 10 Tips to Help You Prepare

July 15th, 2016

Some people go years without interviewing for a new job simply because they have been happy with their current employment. Others haven’t interviewed lately because they might have been self-employed. Whatever the reason, not interviewing for a job in quite some time can affect how you handle yourself in an interview. You want to make sure you do everything right and say the right things when interviewing for Big Sky jobs. 

To get you headed in the right direction, we have compiled a list of 10 tips to help you prepare for your job interview:

  1. Prepare Ahead of Time – One of the most important things you must do prior to a job interview is to prepare ahead of time. If you fail to prepare it will show in your answers and body language during the interview.
  2. Put an Emphasis on Your Good Qualities – Make sure you emphasize your good qualities during the interview. There is nothing wrong with self-promotion during a job interview. In fact, it is the only way you will get across your qualities.
  3. Ask Questions – Do not be afraid to ask questions. In fact, it is a vital part of the job interview. The interviewer should not be the only person asking questions during the job interview. When you ask questions it shows the interviewer how invested you are in the job and the company.
  4. Make a Strong First Impression – The first step you take into the building is the first impression you will give the company. Make sure you are ready the minute you walk through the door. You need to impress every person you meet, including the receptionist. Never let your guard down.
  5. Handle Tough Questions – You will undoubtedly be asked some very tough questions. Be sure you can handle them. Some tough questions include why were you fired, what is your biggest weakness and have you faced any challenges with a coworker? If you can answer these questions swimmingly then you will ace the interview.
  6. Avoid Personal Details – There’s nothing wrong with discussing your personal life a little bit during a job interview, but do not delve too deep. Getting too personal during a job interview can haunt you in the long run.
  7. Be Mindful of Body Language – Body language is a major problem for some during job interviews. Many people don’t even realize they are employing bad body language. Sit up straight, have good facial expressions and be as positive as possible.
  8. Dress for the Job – It is always a good idea to wear business attire to a job interview, but you also do not want to overdress for the job you are seeking. There’s nothing wrong with calling to ask about dress code prior to the interview.
  9. Don’t Get Familiar – The job interview is a business meeting, not a discussion with a friend by the watercooler. Make sure you do not get too familiar with the interviewer.
  10. Avoid Desperation – You might not have interviewed for a job lately due to lengthy unemployment. Because of this, make sure you do not show too much desperation in the interview.

If you follow the 10 tips outlined in this post you should have no trouble preparing for and acing your next job interview in Big Sky country.  

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