Break Into the Trades: Land Your First Trades with Job Tips to Help You Start Building Your Career

January 27th, 2012

In a world where jobs are becoming increasingly difficult to come by in many sectors, business is beginning to pick up in the trades industries. Landing your first “gig” in this potentially lucrative field can be a bit difficult at a time like this; but, not at all impossible. It is much easier to do when you follow the tips below.

Plan Ahead

People plan and train for years to become doctors, lawyers, teachers, and business men and women. It’s expected in these traditionally “white collar” careers. But, planning ahead is important for “blue” collar or “trades” positions as well.

More and more states are requiring some sort of certification for trades laborers. Even among those states that do not yet require certification there are opportunities to gain certifications for specific skill sets and safety practices. Obtaining these certifications tells potential employers that you’re serious about your desire to work in the industry. More importantly, it gives them verification that you do have the necessary skills to get the job done.

Education is another major plus – as long as it’s relevant to the trades career you’re hoping to build. Don’t take this the wrong way. Talent is important. That’s what your portfolio is for – to showcase your work. If you don’t have a portfolio of your works; it’s time to create one. This is your “trades” resume, if you will and will get you the opportunity to impress. Your education is what will seal the deal.

Taking the initiative to get an education in your craft it shows them that you are a “go getter”. In other words, it makes you appear more employable. The talent is something you’ll have to show them yourself once you’ve been hired.

Become a Joiner

There are many groups and even unions (in some states) that are dedicated to people in the business. You do not need to join every group that comes along but being a recognizable and dedicated member to one means that you’ll be recognized among that group and associated with the profession you’re seeking to break into. That way, when jobs are available you’ll be a name on people’s minds.

Just remember that it’s better to dedicate fully to one group so that you are recognized rather than being a fringe member to several groups where no one really knows who you are and/or what you do. Building a network of industry related contacts is smart business no matter what field or trade you’re working in. The sooner you begin building that vital network; the faster it will pay off for you.

You don’t have to jump through hoops or get an advanced education in order to break into the trades. That doesn’t mean you won’t advance further, faster in your trades careers by planning ahead and working with a quality staffing agency like LC Staffing today!