5 Ways to Attract Top Talent | Recruiting Tips from LC Staffing

March 15th, 2013

In many ways, the job market today is an employer’s market. There are more applicants than there are available positions due to higher than average unemployment rates around the nation. However, if you’re looking to secure the talented few who comprise the ‘cream of the crop’, it’s a good idea to make a few changes to your recruitment strategies to attract the best candidates.

These are five steps you need to take if you want to bring top talent into your business fold.

1) Seek Staffing Agency Support

Staffing agents often develop a relationship with the people they place in various positions. They know to take their time and get to know the candidates they provide work for and the needs of your company so they can help you find a suitable match with the skills and personality to take your business to new heights. They are an important ally to create for your business as you grow and expand over the years.

2) Brand the Company Image

Most companies invest quite a bit of time branding their business to potential customers. However, it’s worth your while to take a page out of Google’s book and brand yourself as a great place to work. Potential candidates want to know what’s so different about working for you that they should choose your company to work for over all their other options.

3) Develop a Standout Corporate Culture

Corporate cultures are all the rage these days. Many people don’t want to feel like they’re going to the office every day to work for some kind of intellectual sweatshop. They want to feel like they’re part of a community that is vibrant and where their voices are heard. The rat race of the 1980’s is out. The corporate culture where everyone in the company can make a difference is in.

4) Offer Above Average Incentives/Perks

Perks and incentives took a huge hit with many businesses at the height of the recession. Now, however, we’re in a period of recovery and one way your company can really stand tall among your competition for the same limited pool of talent is to offer more creative perks and incentives than the next guy.

5) Create a Pleasant “Onboarding” Process

It’s the little things that really stand out to job candidates and new hires. A seamless transition and pleasant, welcome package is going to get attention among people in the job market. Make them feel welcome, set them up with an experienced mentor, and put them to work doing things they find meaningful as quickly as possible (without throwing them into the lion’s den, of course), and they will appreciate the process with your company above almost anything else you have to offer them.

Getting top grades among a talented pool of potential employees is more important for today’s businesses than it’s ever been before. These are the types of moves your company can make that will attract top talent.