Social Media Hiring 101: Make Friends, Not Fans

January 24th, 2012

For the last few years, social media has been growing as a go-to source for many recruiters and savvy hiring managers around the globe. With the advent of search capability built into most social media sites and new applications, such as LinkedIn’s recruiting tools, smart recruiters everywhere are turning to social networks to source quality candidates. On the same token, candidates have grown social media smarter and are using social networks to gather information on the companies they want to work for, often joining as fans on social media pages.

In a recent survey conducted by the social media watchdog Mashable in September 2011, the average user spends 8 hours a month on Facebook alone and countless other time on other social media sites. This is contrast to the paltry 8 percent of recruiters who actively use social media to find quality candidates online, outside of traditional resume directories and word-of-mouth referrals. This means there is still a great potential for social media to become the best source of targeted candidates.

While your efforts as a company looking for great employees can include social media as part of your strategy, there is a right way to do this and a wrong way. First, remember that social media is not about making lots of fans, but rather of making quality contacts and friends online. For the recruiter this translates to meeting quality candidates who have specific skill sets and backgrounds.

Read on to learn helpful tips for making friends with candidates, and finding the best candidates.

Set up a niche social media profile. As you set up your recruiting profile on social media sites, keep in mind the types of candidates you will be looking for. Be specific to your niche market to ensure that any candidates it attracts are interested in this niche. For example, if you are recruiting for the health care field, include information and resources about health care and medical news. This lets your future friends know who and what you are looking for in potential candidates.

Include links to your company career site. Every recruiter should have a central career portal where details of open assignments can be posted. If you don’t have one yet, create an online job directory and start posting jobs there, then share the links to assignments on your social media page. This helps you to better control the activity and interest you will encounter on your social media page. You can also track your efforts.

Search and invite potential candidates. The most effective way to use social media as a recruiter is to regularly conduct a search for potential job seekers by keyword. Many people post their areas of specialty on sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn. Use this to your advantage to search for, and send an invitation to connect one-on-one about new career opportunities.

Highlight tough to fill assignments. Another great way to use social media is to post your open assignments in your RSS feed. This not only picks up in search engine results fast, but friends can get alerts about new posts when they subscribe to your social media page. On top of that, friends can share your links with others, which helps you to spread your net wider when trying to attract quality candidates

Create niche industry hiring events. One fun way to increase awareness and find friends on social media sites is to set up online career events which allow you to invite specific friends to your page. Ask each friend to invite one of their friends who may be suitable for the jobs you have posted, and you can double your efforts online.

Looking for more ways to use social media to expand your recruiting efforts? Come back often to LC Staffing for up-to-date career and recruiting articles, and access to temporary and contract to perm employees.


How to Prepare for an Interview for an Admin Position

December 15th, 2011

You have landed the interview you want for the administrative position you need. Now, you are trying to get yourself ready to go and ace it. What should you do to prepare for such an interview? Chances are good you will do well on this interview if you take a few steps now to fully prepare for it. It does not have to be hard or time consuming to do so either.

Tips for Interviewing for the Admin Position

The following tips can help you to do well in any administrative position you are applying for this time around. As an admin professional chances are good you will be working hand in hand with others. This means that not only are the answers to the questions important, but so is the way you answer them. Here are some tips to help you through the process.

  • Know what the company is looking for when it comes to computer skills. Often, this is one of the most important features for individuals working in these positions. Having at least the minimum required skills is often necessary to get into an interview.
  • The phone is your best friend as an administrative assistant. Do you have good phone communication skills? Are you organized enough to handle a high-paced phone system? Be sure to know how to do this as well as how to do it well.
  • Chances are good you will be asked about your strengths and weaknesses. Know them. An administrative professional needs to be computer literate, but also organized, positive, motivating and a leader.
  • Stress and pressure can also be a tipping point with some professionals. It is a good idea for you to be ready to answer questions about how you handle stressful situations. It is often important for you to verbalize this. You may say that you are organized and can keep a cool head under pressure. You may wish to describe what you’ve done in the past to manage a stressful environment.

Depending on the position you are applying for and your work experience, the interviewer may ask you questions about managing others. You may also need to demonstrate skills and proficient in various computer programs or with various phone systems. Be ready to roll up your sleeves to show off your skills. Even more so, the interviewer may ask you bizarre, non-traditional questions to find out what you are like. Answer those questions honestly and with as much information as you can that is on point.

The best way to be ready for this interview is to turn on your charm. Your job will involve working with other people so you will need to demonstrate your ability to do just that. Have a positive attitude and be professional. It is a good idea to showcase your personality during these interviews as that is one of your biggest selling features. This is especially true if you are working the front lines with customers. If you can be positive, outgoing and a nice person to be around during your interview, you will be one step closer to landing the big job.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

December 7th, 2011

A virtual assistant (VA) is an independent professional who provides a variety of services to a company or another individual. Generally, when a person or company hires a virtual assistant, they are doing so to fill a specific need within the company. You may handle everything from phone calls to answering emails. What makes this different from your traditional administrative assistant position is where you are. Rather than being in the office with the professional you are working with, you will tend to be at home or working from a remote location.

Who Hires Virtual Assistants?

Anyone and everyone that has a need for help getting their job done can benefit from hiring a virtual assistant. What is interesting about this position is that it is often tailored to meet the specific needs of the professional. For some, you may be managing a schedule. For others, you may be spending your time uploading information into a system. You could be doing cold calling or you could be managing leads already obtained.

In short, anyone that needs something done can benefit from hiring a virtual assistant. Doing so saves that person time to do something else instead. This implies that many types of business professionals, Internet marketers, lawyers and even doctors can benefit from the use of these services.

Should You Apply for a VA Position?

Today’s administrative assistant may apply for a virtual assistant position. However, doing so does mean a different set of tasks to perform and a new environment to work in while you serve the individuals needs. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you take on this type of job.

  • Know the requirements of the position. These may be vastly different from the types of jobs you have done in the past.
  • Know the requirements to do the job if at home. You may need to use your personal phone, computers and office to complete the job’s requirements. Ensure you have these.
  • Know that some of the virtual assistant positions are only temporary. You may want to apply for multiple positions to fill your time since some are only part time. If you do, be sure you are able to handle the needs of multiple clients.
  • Can you dedicate the time and the space for handling this type of work? Just like any other position, to be paid you will need to be on the job handling tasks as required.
  • Do consider how you will receive payment. Some may pay by the hour while others may pay a flat fee for the service. Since you may work as an independent contractor rather than an employee, this means different tax requirements apply. More so, you may not have any benefits with the position.

For many, the virtual assistant position can open the door to running your own business and setting your own schedule. However, you will need to meet the needs of a demanding client and, even if you have the best client possible, you may be compensated less per hour overall. Take into consideration the job requirements as well as how well you can meet them before taking on a position like this.