Temping Do’s and Don’ts to Help You Be Successful with Short Term Assignments

October 22nd, 2011

Temporary work can be beneficial for all job seekers. Temporary hiring is usually indicative of future hiring trends. Companies need work done, but do not have the resources to hire permanent staff. If economic conditions improve, temporary hiring generally transitions to permanent hires as companies can take on more long term employees.

There are advantages to doing temporary work. For people unemployed it offers the opportunity to earn a paycheck. It offers flexibility to people who may not be able to accept a long term position. Temporary employment may lead to permanent employment for a company that starts to hire. It helps maintain work skills and provides experience for future employment. The application process can be easier and faster than permanent employment. To make the most of temporary employment there are several do’s and don’ts to keep in mind.


  • Research different agencies. Temporary work is best obtained through staffing agencies that specialize with these kinds of assignments. Some are local and others are national chains. There are some that specialize in areas like office work, IT, medical and manufacturing. Recognizing the factors and how it relates to your strengths and abilities can help make the most of assignments.
  • Prepare for temp interviews just like any other job. Even if it is temporary work, it is still employment and should be treated like it. When signing up with an agency, treat this and prepare for it just as you would for an interview.
  • Try to be flexible with what is offered. Some assignments may seem unfulfilling or less than what qualifications require. Accept any opportunity to experience different work areas and companies that may hire in the future.
  • Stay in contact with temporary agencies for future assignments. Some places may offer trainings such as computer skills that can be taken advantage of for free. Never assume the agency will remember you months after you apply – you must be proactive and keep in touch often.


Try not to register with every temporary agency in your area. You may be offered assignments that you cannot accept due to other commitments. This may make you look unreliable for future assignments.

  • Do not expect temporary agencies to contact you for assignments. They may have multiple people registered that they can offer jobs to. Take the initiative and contact agencies on your availability to keep doors open, at least twice a month.
  • If you are offered a contact on a work assignment, do not minimize it. Read the job requirements  through carefully to understand what is expected of you before accepting an assignment. This will help avoid future misunderstandings down the road.
  • Do not lie about your background and qualifications. Some applicants may take liberties describing their experience since there is no long term commitment with temporary jobs. However, if opportunities arise for permanent hiring, this could be a problem if background checks are conducted.

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You’re Hired! Turn Temporary Assignments into Permanent Positions

September 22nd, 2011

On the prowl for a permanent job with a great company? Then you should try temp assignments on for size! Working through a temporary staffing company is becoming the number one way for today’s candidates to secure long-term careers with top organizations. This is especially true when many companies are trying to keep costs down by only hiring temporary workers. A recent US News article indicated that while the economy recovers, as many as 5% of all new positions with the top firms will be strictly temporary assignments.

When you apply for work through a staffing agency, you are automatically connected with a large network of companies looking for qualified candidate like you. Here are some ways to turn your temporary assignments in a permanent position.

Respect Your Temp Assignment

If you want to be successful in your new temporary assignment, be sure to follow the rules of engagement from day one. This means, showing up for your assignment early daily, dressing appropriately for your job, being prepared with a notebook and pen, and having a friendly positive attitude. This alone can make you stand out from other temps and help cement your value to the company by the time your contract comes up for review.

Assimilate into the Corporate Culture Fast

One of the best ways to position yourself for a perm position sooner is to try and blend in with the permanent employees as much as possible. This requires the ability to observe and learn the corporate culture quickly. Start by learning all you can about the company mission statement, the nature of the department you are working in, and the people who are in positions of power. Be sure to dress well, respond quickly to requests, and don’t be afraid to engage in some socializing with existing staff. When the time comes to make perm hires, you will be highly thought  of.

Communicate Your Desire for a Perm Position

What many temp workers may not realize is that the company you are working with does not know you want to be a perm worker, unless you speak up. If you are given the opportunity to speak about your career goals with your immediate supervisor on the job, make sure to communicate your desire for a future perm role. Find out what the company looks for and what requirements you may have to meet in order to be eligible for a perm spot.

Be an Active Learner on the Job

A great way to become a valued member of the team at your temp assignment is to seek out every learning opportunity you can. Take company sponsored classes or head for college to earn new skills that can be directly applied on the job. Ask for new assignments that can lead to a greater understanding of the work you are doing, and ask plenty of relevant questions so that you demonstrate a true interest in the work at hand. This will look favorably for you when the company decides to hire perm workers.

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